DILX DiLX – A Gateway Group company, passionate about the innovations that are shaping the supply chain and logistics industry. DiLX is an end-to-end Logistics Innovation partner for Supply Chain Industry. We envision, develop and deploy Augmented Supply Chain software solutions. DiLX offers a Consulting-led approach, SaaS-based frameworks and bolt-on solutions, Digital Engineering Services and … Read More


SWEEP Sweep helps businesses track and act on their carbon, so they can become forever companies. Our data-driven platform, with powerful collaboration features and user-focused design, makes it easy to measure emissions, take action to reduce your carbon footprint, and stay compliant with the latest reporting standards. We empower your staff and your entire value … Read More


BIGMILE BigMile is a calculation and analysis platform that logistics service providers and shippers can use to optimize and report on multi-modal transport-related carbon emissions of their transport: per client, per logistics service provider, per shipment or per region. The SaaS platform is suitable for companies with a regional or city-wide coverage area as well … Read More


TRACKS Tracks is a carbon visibility platform that offers a suite of solutions for CO2 allocation and management for the supply chain and logistics industries. Tracks GLEC-accredited services empower customers to measure and allocate Scope 3 CO2 and our AI provides actionable insights to lower CO2 emissions. Each of our solutions facilitate digital streamlining of … Read More


PLEDGE Pledge makes it simple for businesses of every size to understand and manage the climate impact of their products. By providing tools and infrastructure, we automate the delivery of climate solutions – such as footprint measurement, reduction and offsetting – into customer journeys. We’re on a mission to make businesses climate aware and help … Read More


SEAROUTES Gain control of your logistics carbon footprint. Searoutes is a solutions provider for shippers to get CO2 visibility through accurate calculation. Searoutes offering includes accredited scope 3 emissions reports all modes and insightful CO2 emissions analytics per carriers to improve the procurement process and easily reduce their carbon impact.     Software lines Sustainability … Read More


TRUSTRACE We offer a state-of-the-art digital platform for product traceability and supply chain transparency. Using AI and blockchain technology we bring data transparency to producers who really want to know what they sell, and to consumers who really care what they buy.     Software lines Sustainability Reporting  

Bluerock TMS

BLUEROCK TMS “Paving the way to smarter logistics” BlueRock TMS is your complete operative and analytical TMS solution, combining the Pre-Planning, Execution, Visibility, and Performance Management of your network into a singular SaaS platform. Our proprietary software’s integrated analytics simplifies and centralizes your supply chain data, driving effective corrective action to minimize inefficiencies and fragmentation … Read More


YELLOWSTAR At Yellowstar, we consolidate extensive knowledge about IT and logistics in innovative software for optimal chain collaboration. Waste is eliminated, efficiency increases and CO2 emissions decrease. Logistics service providers benefit from distinctive intermodal transport management systems (TMS), terminal operating systems (TOS) and customer portals. Furthermore, we make the supply chains of companies active in … Read More


TRANSPOREON Transporeon is a cloud-based platform that offers worldwide collaboration between logistics professionals. This global platform for intelligent transport logistics establishes a digital connection between shippers and carriers, and this results in a smarter, more transparent and cost-efficient process for goods transport in the world. By digitizing the entire logistics supply chain, communication and collaboration … Read More


JAGGAER JAGGAER is the leading procure-to-pay provider in the Higher Education and Government sectors. JAGGAER eProcurement and strategic sourcing customers across the globe have gained access to the best suppliers, with the best terms, on our scalable, customizable, user-friendly platform. Our SaaS-based, source-to-settle solution provides unparalleled visibility, insights and recommendations to procurement leaders and suppliers. … Read More