CCH Tagetik

CCH TAGETIK CCH® Tagetik corporate performance management solutions are built to digitally transform the office of the CFO. Through leading-edge technology and meaningful customer relationships, our comprehensive solutions for the financial close, enterprise planning, regulatory compliance, reporting, predictive analytics and supply chain planning empower process efficiency and fast, data-driven decision making. In a word, we … Read More


COLIBRI Colibri is a Cloud Supply Chain Planning solution where you can manage your demand, supply, distribution, forecasts, replenishments and S&OP processes. Software lines Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Forecasting, Demand & Inventory Planning


LOKAD Achieving a resilient supply chain sits at the intersection of demand, price, and inventory – where a company’s customers, suppliers, and their operations meet. Blue Ridge is the fully configurable supply chain planning & pricing optimization platform crafted to accelerate short- and long-term for Wholesale Distributors, Specialty Retailers and Discrete Manufacturers. From modeling, right-sizing … Read More

Retail & Asset Solutions

RETAIL & ASSET SOLUTIONS Retail & Asset Solutions (RAS) are Europe’s only end-to-end bespoke supply chain audit service provider. With over 30 years of experience in conducting comprehensive audits, we ensure that our client’s supply chain is fully optimised to meet their critical objectives. As founders of the Good Faith Receiving (GFR) service provision, our … Read More


sedApta sedApta is an international Group formed from the aggregation of top tech companies based in Italy, Germany, France and Brazil. Each a leader in their industry, together we share over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing IT & Supply Chain Management. Today, over 1000 customers rely on our Products for the optimization of their … Read More


GARVIS Garvis is a revolutionary SaaS start-up that radically puts the planner at the center of the universe. We bring together access to data in the broadest and richest sense and combine it with user-trainable, transparent next-generation AI to empower planners to create the best possible plans of the future. We will onboard your organization … Read More


FLOWLITY With the ambition to prevent shortages and overstocks, Flowlity provides a single platform for manufacturers to manage and optimize their material confidently. A new supply chain software generation, built to tackle raw materials challenges, proactively manage unforeseen disruptions and optimize inventory levels: Intelligent Material Management Solution (IMMS). Powered by AI, Flowlity provides better control … Read More


DEMANDSOFT Innovative replenishment solution – various forecasting techniques – delivery time forecasting – seasonal demand profiles – management by exception – transparent supply- and demand chain Enthusiasm instead routine »Can’t we do better?« is just one of these questions, we are asking ourselves every day since Demandsoft was founded back in 2004. We keep searching … Read More


ADEXA Adexa is the premier AI-powered enterprise business planning solutions that perform both S&OP and S&OE in a unified data model. The latter enables strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning to be planned and seamlessly executed. In this synchronized environment, the financial impact of planning decisions, and their ramifications on the enterprise, are … Read More

Blue Ridge

BLUE RIDGE Achieving a resilient supply chain sits at the intersection of demand, price, and inventory – where a company’s customers, suppliers, and their operations meet. Blue Ridge is the fully configurable supply chain planning & pricing optimization platform crafted to accelerate short- and long-term for Wholesale Distributors, Specialty Retailers and Discrete Manufacturers. From modeling, … Read More

O9 Solutions

O9 SOLUTIONS As the market leader in decision management software, o9 Solutions helps the world’s best companies in Consumer Products & Goods, Retail & Apparel, and Industrial Manufacturing. With solutions that cover integrated business planning, revenue management, and supply chain management, we service our customers on their terms — mobile, laptop, email — by connecting … Read More


SYMPHONYAI SymphonyAI offers the industry’s leading AI-enabled platform accompanied by a suite of customer-centric solutions that deliver profitable growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers. Symphony RetailAI’s innovations span the retail value chain from customer insights, agile merchandising, promotion optimization, personalized marketing, fresh and center store management, to demand forecasting and inventory management. Our role-based solutions … Read More

Aera Technology

AERA TECHNOLOGY Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company that transforms how enterprises make and execute decisions. The company’s innovative platform, Aera Decision Cloud™, integrates with existing systems and data sources to enable business decision-making in real time, at scale. Trusted by many of the world’s best-known companies and brands, Aera is helping enterprises operate … Read More


TRANSMETRICS Transmetrics is a predictive optimization company that helps cargo transport and logistics service providers increase their operational efficiency by applying modern technology such as artificial intelligence, data mining, predictive analytics and computer optimization. Transmetrics SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is offered in three steps: data cleansing, demand forecasting, and predictive optimization. Transmetrics works with some of the … Read More


TOOLSGROUP ToolsGroup is how organizations achieve their target service levels while optimizing inventory, no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes. In a world that never follows the rules, organizations have to be ready for anything–from the challenges of multi-echelon inventory optimization to the endless surprises of sporadic demand. To … Read More


SYNCRON Syncron empowers the world’s leading manufacturers to maximize product uptime and deliver exceptional after-sales service experiences, while driving significant revenue and profit improvements. From industry leading investments in research and development, to providing the fastest time-to-value, Syncron’s award-winning, cloud-based service parts inventory, price and uptime management solutions are designed to continually exceed customer expectations. … Read More


SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. Combining leading analytics and deep industry knowledge, SAS enables organizations to develop a rapid response to disruptions of any type and prepare for success. SAS offers strategic end-to-end supply chain … Read More

Relex Solutions

RELEX SOLUTIONS RELEX Solutions provides unified supply chain and retail planning solutions that deliver impressive results for customers around the world. Our market-leading platform optimizes demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain, driving availability, increased sales and margin, improved sustainability, and the best ROI in inventory, space, workforce, and capacity. We … Read More


REMIRA (OUTPERFORM) Strong supply chains thanks to REMIRA  REMIRA is one of the leading providers of intelligent supply chain and omnichannel solutions for retail, logistics and industrial companies in all industries. With 500 employees and annual sales of around 50 million, the company is one of the largest software companies headquartered in Germany. REMIRA has … Read More


ORTEC ORTEC’s products and services result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning and warehouse control. ORTEC offers stand-alone, custom-made and SAP® certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships. Ortec serves clients in almost every industry. And with 15 offices strategically located across 4 … Read More