Retail & Asset Solutions (RAS) are Europe’s only end-to-end bespoke supply chain audit service provider. With over 30 years of experience in conducting comprehensive audits, we ensure that our client’s supply chain is fully optimised to meet their critical objectives.
As founders of the Good Faith Receiving (GFR) service provision, our people, expertise and knowledge make our solution unique. GFR offers a direct solution to the UK’s GSCOP regulations of ‘supplier fair treatment’ and the GCA’s recommendations of ‘paying suppliers accurately and in good time’.
Today’s consumers want fast order fulfilment through multiple channels. To make this possible, organisations need greater visibility and control across their supply chains.
The RAS Prosper application is a single unified platform and has been designed to facilitate the auditing process and create new layers of reporting by utilising data captured throughout the supply chain.
By deploying RAS Prosper, FMCG retailers can bridge the gap between operational processes and improved forecasting, streamlining inventory, and speeding up delivery times.
Whether we provide experienced auditing personnel, or specialist supply chain assurance services, we offer industry-leading research and advice in the supply chain management process.


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Warehous Management System (WMS)
Global Trade Management
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