RELEX Solutions provides unified supply chain and retail planning solutions that deliver impressive results for customers around the world. Our market-leading platform optimizes demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain, driving availability, increased sales and margin, improved sustainability, and the best ROI in inventory, space, workforce, and capacity. We help retailers drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels, maximize customer satisfaction and minimize operative costs through higher availability and better merchandising decisions. Wholesale & distribution companies can anticipate and fulfill demand with maximum service levels and efficient use of inventory, capacity, and workforce. We help consumer-packaged goods brands drive sales, raw material availability, and efficient use of inventory and production capacity through improved demand planning. We support the complete E2E value chain, helping customers leverage multi-echelon optimization, information sharing, and collaboration to drive visibility and alignment across your entire value chain.


Software lines
Sales & Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning
Statistical Forecasting / Demand & Inventory Planning