One Network is the leader in intelligent control towers for autonomous supply chain management. From inbound supply to outbound order fulfillment and logistics, this multi-tier, multiparty digital platform helps optimize and automate planning and execution across the entire supply network and every trading partner. Powered by NEO, One Network’s machine learning and intelligent agent technology, real time predictive and prescriptive analytics enable industry-leading performance for the highest services levels and product quality at the lowest possible cost. It’s the industry’s only solution with a fully integrated data model from the consumer to suppliers and all logistics partners, providing a network-wide, real-time single version of the truth. Leading global organizations have joined One Network, transforming industries like Retail, Food Service, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Healthcare, Public Sector, Telecom, Defense, and Logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network has offices across the Americas, Europe, and APAC.
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The Five Solutions

1. Intelligent Control Towers for E2E Supply Chain and Logistics

One Network’s Control Tower on the NEO Platform connects all trading partners and provides end-to-end visibility and control over orders, shipments, and inventory. It optimizes, automates, and tracks execution of the entire inbound and outbound logistics lifecycle from order to delivery for a global, multi-modal, multi-leg network with thousands of transportation providers.

Beyond visibility. What good is seeing a problem if you can’t resolve it, and do so in an optimal way? One Network provides AI and advanced algorithms to anticipate potential problems (predictive analytics) and provide resolutions (prescriptive analytics) in an automated, optimized fashion at regional and global scale. Some people call these “anticipate, sense, and respond” capabilities, and companies will need them as they face the “next normal” in 2021 and beyond.

Companies facing challenges such as (below) will find significant value in a Control Tower approach.

  • Disjointed Silo’d Systems replicating data
  • Limited Visibility into key parts of the Supply Chain
  • Gaps in functionality growing as the complexity grows
  • Inability to react in real time to changes in demand or supply
  • A growing number of unconnected systems

The Intelligent Logistics Control Tower allows customers to drive superior service and cost for both domestic, intra-company, and international moves and supports all transport modes: truckload, less than truckload (LTL), intermodal (e.g. ship, truck, and rail), air, parcel, and ocean

Intelligent Logistics & TMS capabilities:

  • Multi-modal execution with distinct 3PL/LSP assignments per leg, with LLP control
  • Integrated process flows between cross border and in-country operations
  • Milestone settings and management based on expected arrival/departure times
  • Tracking of Customs Submitted, Customs Hold and Clearance events
  • Chain-of-Custody with serialization
  • Global trade compliance
  • Supply and finish goods condition tracking (e.g. temperature, expiration)
  • Container booking and tracking
  • Telematics Integration

Global Logistics

  • Multi stop cross lane consolidation along with aggregation
  • Single pick multi-drop, multi-pick single drop, pooling algorithms
  • Equipment capacity and compatibility constraints
  • Incompatibility rules by commodity codes
  • Location to equipment constraints by routing guide
  • Rich set of planning policies at organization and site level
  • Advanced optimization – backhaul, private fleet, continuous moves

2. Transport Planning and Execution (TMS)

The NEO Platform is specifically designed to support multiparty and multi-tier collaborative workflows and transactions that are typical in transportation planning and execution.

The transportation planning engine provides continuous and incremental planning capabilities, which adjust plans to actual conditions as they change. The platform selects the optimal carrier and mode, and can create, consolidate, and aggregate shipments, identify continuous move opportunities, optimize the dispatch schedules, and even consider how to best utilize a private fleet.

Sites need only be modeled and maintained once for all members of the network. This allows for rapid implementation and easy maintenance. The NEO Platform is the only solution where planning is married to optimized execution of orders, with intelligent NEO agents automatically executing the required transactions.

  • Continuous and incremental planning means plans are automatically updated in real time for you and all your trading partners
  • Create, consolidate, and aggregate shipments
  • Identify continuous move opportunities
  • Private fleet optimization

For transportation execution, the tendering flow includes collaboration through carrier portals, EDI, and email, and can be configured to respect your specific business rules for carrier selection. To provide real time feedback to the logistics planner, the Real Time Value Network can capture, save, and display an allowance amount (or any other benchmark amount).

  • System continuously plans and automatically executes required transactions, saving human intelligence for the exceptions
  • Powerful rating engine supports a multitude of rating and tariff option
  • Real time end-to-end visibility

One Network executes the required multi-tier and multiparty transactions in:

  • Carrier rating and tendering
  • Supplier allowances
  • Routing guide
  • Lane bidding/award
  • Carrier/partner portal
  • Taxes and accessorial rates
  • Demurrage and detention costs
  • Private Fleet Management

3. Supplier Collaboration

Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration: Collaborate with all suppliers on orders, plans, and order forecasts – and resolve issues quickly. Gain visibility into short- and long-term supplier capacity by automatically propagating actual scheduled demand through the supply chain and matching it to supplier commitments – either as unit volume or as line capacity. Manufacturers can secure supplier commitment as demand levels fluctuate, to maintain stable production. As you introduce new products or features, the system supports network-based capacity planning and impact analysis to help prepare for a broad range of what-if scenarios.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services: A true consumption-based replenishment in an environment where all trading partners can easily connect and coordinate. It provides real-time visibility of inventory and inbounds (including inventory in-transit) and automatically generates alerts when inventory violations occur against replenishment policies to ensure that the specified levels of product availability are achieved.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities: CMs have real time visibility into site capacity and material-constrained translation of customer or consumer demand (forecast and orders) for each site. They have visibility to upstream component inbound supply with accurate ETAs to each factory. Brand owners have visibility into production status, capacities, schedules, Tier 2 component inventory, Tier 3 materials, projected inventory, and inbound supply.

Accurate Supplier Performance: Measure supplier performance by requested arrival dates or required shipment dates, Creates the discrete order (releases) to instruct the supplier of the exact dates to ship and arrive. All parties see the ship and request dates, and the performance can be accurately measured and tracked.

Maximizing On-Time In-Full (OTIF) Performance: With major retailers setting aggressive on-time, in-full delivery targets (up to 98%) and stiff penalties as high as 3% of the Cost of Goods Sold, suppliers need to take a dramatically different approach. New strategies and technologies are required to meet these targets consistently, ensure high service levels, minimize chargebacks, and maximize competitiveness in a new retail landscape. One Network provides the tools to enable suppliers and retailers to track, measure, report, defend, and maximize their OTIF performance.

4. eProcurement with Inbound Supply Planning

Complete Inbound Supply Planning and Procure-to-Pay Services: These integrate purchasing, logistics, and financial operations into a single environment, with planning, collaboration, requisition, sourcing, order management, logistics tracking, invoice management, and data feeds to payables systems.

Even the best laid plans go awry, so the NEO Platform can automatically reallocate your inbound materials. You can dynamically plan and execute “milk runs”—where consumed materials or parts are replenished on a regular basis— according to real-time data. NEO intelligent agents then reduce the risk of shortages by autonomously matching demand and supply around the clock. As demand across each facility changes, agents automatically reallocate materials in transit accordingly.

Procure to Pay with Blanket Orders

  • Create PO Releases, Deployment orders or shipments against Blanket Order
  • Contract netting capability with alerts on consumption
  • Consumption KPIs
  • Order Scheduler to define shipping schedule
    • Auto create ASNs
    • Auto Invoicing
  • Add forecast(s) to existing order
  • Ability to switch transportation mode
  • View utilization by trans-mode when forecasts are added
  • Keeps track of consumptions
  • Alerts on expiry as well as usage
  • Predefine the shipping schedule
  • Auto create ASNs based on this schedule
  • Direct Invoicing against Blanket Order with configurable Invoicing policies including Auto invoicing
  • Support for Order with Service Line Items
  • Ability to auto invoice Service Lines along with tax and discount

5. Global Demand-Supply Matching (GDSM)

One Network’s Global Demand-Supply Matching Solution is unique in the marketplace. It uses key decision points along the supply chain as opportunities for optimizing supply flow to meet last minute supply, demand and order conditions, even dynamically reallocating supply in containers on the water to maximize service levels at the lowest possible cost.

GDSM drives value across multiple dimensions:

  • Improves Sell Through – improves ability to capture unplanned demand
  • Improves quality of promise dates and subsequently OTIF
  • Improves customer SLAs – provides accurate promise dates and probability of attainment
  • Reduces transportation costs (expedites, reduces deployment moves, …)
  • Inventory Performance – Reduces lead times and impact of variability enabling inventory reductions

Global Demand Supply Matching Capabilities

  • Executive Level Visualization of Demand Supply Alignment and Macro Problem Identification
  • Optimizes / balances inventory - enables the movement of supply to the best possible regions and sites to meet shifting demand
  • Recommends supply flow adjustments to match shifting demand
  • Balances site demand with site capacity
  • Identifies free, unallocated or surplus inventory
  • Detects aggregate supply and demand mismatches
  • Drives supply allocation when supply shortages cannot be avoided
  • Optimizes Total Landed Cost plus additional objectives
  • Component purity, minimum logistics move, JIT, and others
  • Incorporates logistics constraints: Hard Merge, Merge In Transit, and other constraints
  • Sources globally and models alternative parts
  • Consumes Available-to-Promise
  • Issues production order request or material requisition request, based on inventory policy
  • Generates coordinated shipping schedule to destination from all shipment legs
  • Allocates supply and promises orders to end customers


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