Accelerating the digital supply chain from product concept to customer availability, Logility helps companies seize new opportunities, sense and respond to changing market dynamics and more profitably manage their complex global businesses. The Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform leverages an innovative blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to automate planning, accelerate cycle times, increase precision, improve operating performance, break down business silos and deliver greater visibility. Logility’s SaaS-based platform transforms sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP) processes; demand, inventory and replenishment planning; global sourcing; quality and compliance management; product life cycle management; supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing planning and scheduling; retail merchandise planning, assortment and allocation.


Logility Digital Platform
A Digital Supply Chain Platform for self-service supply chain planning and data discovery helping you accurately measure performance and plan for the resilient enterprise. This includes Advanced Analytics, Integrated Business Planning, Demand Optimization, Inventory Optimization, Sourcing Management, Supply Optimization, Quality & Compliance, Retail Optimization, Product Life Cycle Management, Supply Chain Data Management and Cloud Services.

Demand Optimization
More accurate forecasts drive more accurate downstream supply chain plans that boost profitability, satisfy customers and synchronize supply chain partners. With Logility Demand Optimization you will synchronize activities and gain time, accuracy and efficiency. Use demand sensing to add short-term precision to long-term planning efforts, reduce inventory costs, eliminate obsolete inventory and lower expediting costs.

Sales & Operations Planning
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) can allow better synchronization of data, create quicker response to supply chain disruptions, more accurate handling of demand signals and more. With a unified plan, S&OP can help face supply chain challenges including long material lead times, volatile component price fluctuations, safety regulations and quality mandates, complex manufacturing constraints, increasing customer expectations, and demand uncertainty complicated by seasonality, high promotional activity, product perishability, frequent new product introductions (NPIs) and new distribution channels.

Inventory Optimization
Logility Inventory Optimization uses the proven science of multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to balance cost and service, ensuring the right levels of the right type of stock at the right places at just the right time. You can free up millions in working capital that’s trapped in excess inventory. Inventory Optimization enables companies to synchronize strategic goals with tactical inventory targets, automate the update of inventory policies, optimize the entire supply chain and across raw materials, work in process and finished goods, base inventory policies on proven algorithmic optimization and machine learning, and more.

Retail Optimization
Logility’s Retail Optimization synchronizes sourcing from manufacturing to store merchandising. You can create plans that boost sales, increase margins and cut inventory costs. Convert high-level financial goals into chain and store-level plans for both financial and unit profiles to maximize sales potential while minimizing markdowns and out-of-stocks. Then close the gap between financial planning, store planning and the buyer to accurately identify the optimal merchandise mix.


Berry Global
“Logility has helped us develop a consistent integrated business planning process so we can focus on growing without having to reinvent the wheel every time we have a new acquisition, business challenge, or new customer request.”
Mike Reibsamen, Director Integrated Supply Chain

Citizen Watch America
“With Logility, we have gained great insights to evaluate potential disruptions to our business, offer unique assortments for retail partners and make better decisions on a continuous basis in our complex market.”
Glenn Pascrell, Senior Vice President of Merchandise Planning and Market Analytics

Groupe Dynamite
“Our implementation of Logility has enabled us to improve our sell through, reduce our markdowns and increase profitability as we position merchandise in the optimal location to delight our customers. We have become a more sophisticated organization and have automated nearly 80% of our store replenishments to meet our growing business needs.”
Isabelle Rousseau, Allocation Director


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