flexis AG specializes in flexible information systems for supply chain management. With almost 25 years of experience in providing standardized software modules, the company offers solutions based on secure and proven modules. flexis AG is globally networked with seven locations worldwide and acts as a close partner and support service provider for over 2,000 satisfied users, even after successful implementation.

flexis’ Supply Chain Solutions are based on the flexis HYBRID Architecture. Standardized solution modules and unique software technology power intelligent ways to optimize processes - for a wide range of industries.

Our primary goal is to create real added value together with our customers. flexis maintains long-term and trusting business relationships with customers and partners and contributes to their success with a deep understanding for the process world across multiple industries.


S&OP Sales Planning
Key functionalities:

  • Integrated Sales- Production- and Inventory Planning
  • Demand-Capacity-Balancing, Business Planning
  • Dashboard, Reporting, Data Browser, Analytics
  • Intelligent Algorithms like Supply Request for ideal stock
  • Integration of External Forecasts and Actual Market-Data


  • flexis S&OP is tailored for complex products and networks
  • Distributed Planning and Scenario-Management in Sandboxes

Key User: Sales Planners, Production Planners, Logistics Planners

Order Slotting & Scheduling
Key functionalities:

  • Full information of the workflow order center, sales view, production view
  • Alert functions for early detection of faults
  • System-side proposal on far-reaching equal distribution of orders
  • Manual rescheduling via drag & drop

USP: High process orientation with standardized modules
Key User: Order Processing, Order Center

Key functionalities:

  • Formation of optimized sequences on the assembly line
  • Implementation of a consistent pearl chain concept for high stability
  • Smoothing of the assembly times or sections of conveyors
  • Visualization of rule violations

USP: very high sequence quality, flexible constraint management
Key User: Production Control

Detailed Scheduling
Key functionalities:

  • Digital twin validation
  • Inline-rescheduling
  • Scheduling of modifications via drag & drop
  • Complete overview of work content
  • What-if scenarios

USP: Flexible modulation with regard to resources and job allocation.
Key User: Manufacturing Control, Manufacturing Planning

Transportation Planning & Scheduling
Key functionalities:

  • Network & Vehicle Routing & Scheduling
  • Predictive Planning (Simulations & Scenario Management)
  • Tactic Decision making
  • Operative Planning
  • Realtime Monitoring & Control Tower
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Data Integration & Geo Services
  • Digital Supply Chain Twin
  • Carbon Footprint Optimization

USP: Integrated planning of transport routing, tours & frequencies in line with dynamic transport demand.
Key user: Transportation Planner, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager



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