Descartes unites the people and technology that move the world. Descartes’ logistics technology is efficient, flexible, reliable and collaborative. It makes the big look small and the complex seem simple. The world is getting smaller — Descartes is making it smarter, quicker and better. Logistics means having what you need — product, people or data — where you need it, when you need it. As an industry, logistics is both universal and highly specific. When fully leveraged in the marketplace, it empowers companies to compete and thrive in today’s new world of business. To give customers that advantage, Descartes developed the Logistics Technology Platform.


Global Trade Intelligence
Descartes Visual Compliance™ and CustomsInfo™ offer a full spectrum of global trade compliance and risk management services to streamline international trade complexities. Visual Compliance provides a robust platform for Denied Party Screening, Risk Management, OFAC Compliance, Audit and Resolution, Export Classification, Export Automation, and Controlled Technology solutions. It ensures compliance with international trade regulations, aids in making accurate export classification decisions, and avoids unauthorized transactions, along with facilitating audit resolutions and export documentation automation. On the other hand, CustomsInfo delivers a comprehensive solution for global import compliance, including advanced Harmonized System (HS) Code search, export classification, and trade data management across over 160 countries. It aims for efficiency in classification, accurate customs entries, and enhances collaboration within organizations by integrating current trade content into ERP and ecommerce systems. This integration helps businesses optimize compliance, minimize risk, and make the most of free trade agreements, supporting a variety of industries in keeping their global supply chains efficient.

Transport Management
Descartes’ transportation solutions suite is designed to streamline transportation processes and improve efficiency across various modes of transportation. The software offers standard and advanced capabilities aimed at enhancing coordination, visibility, and cost management. With Descartes' transport management solution, users can effectively plan, manage, and optimize shipments with ease. The platform automates these processes, providing users with real-time insights and control over their transportation operations. Through the Global Logistics Network, Descartes digitally connects suppliers, customers, and carriers, facilitating smoother communication and collaboration. Key features include contract management, load planning and optimization, transportation execution, and freight audit automation. Additionally, Descartes offers advanced functionalities such as parcel shipping automation, dock scheduling, private fleet integration, pool distribution management, and real-time visibility. These capabilities contribute to improved operational efficiency and cost reduction across transportation operations.

Customs and Regulatory Compliance
Descartes Customs solutions help businesses make customs clearances easy, accessible, and efficient by automating the declaration process. Integrated with ERP or other systems, either fully or partially, it’s fully compliant with customs authorities’ requirements. Functionality exists to share data with third parties via the Descartes Global Logistics Network™. Descartes' deep domain expertise and advanced cross-border trade compliance software helps customers collaborate with trading partners and customs authorities to better enable logistics regulatory compliance and speed flow of international trade.

B2B Connectivity and Messaging
The Descartes Global Logistics Network™ connects hundreds of thousands of parties globally to seamlessly translate, transform, and transmit business critical data and documents. Governments, customs, and logistics service providers need all the data as early and accurately as possible to secure capacity, reduce operating costs, and ensure frictionless border crossing.

Routing, Mobile and Telematics
Descartes integrated route planning, route execution and performance monitoring solutions determines the optimal combination and location of resources. With operational route planning, deliveries are optimized to minimize distance, drive time, and number of resources while adhering to time windows. Advanced optimization techniques such as continuous optimization is combined with machine learning to create operational plans to improve fleet productivity and customer service.


Marks & Spencer
Customs compliance is critical to Marks & Spencer, leading retailer in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Despite complex and ever-changing regulations, the company has been able to speed up processes, increase visibility and achieve a higher level of control thanks to Descartes' customs solution for imports.
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Argosy International
Argosy International faced growth limitations due to manual compliance processes, Argosy adopted Descartes Visual Compliance for automated denied party screening. This move streamlined operations, reduced compliance time by 75%, and ensured 100% export compliance, enhancing competitive advantage by ensuring safe business practices for customers.
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ROI of Compliance
Leveraging the benefits of a denied party screening solution has become critical for various organizations whose operations tap into the global supply chain. Measuring the ROI of a denied party screening software isn’t as straightforward. Learn how to measure and maximize the benefits that a DPS solution provides and break down how delivers ROI.
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4 key points to take advantage of a TMS
Today supply chains are more complex, chains involving shippers, logistics service providers and end customers have many more links. With a Transport Management System you can increase the grip on transport flows and optimize your supply chain. Anyone considering investing in a TMS or replacing an existing package as a company should focus on 4 aspects.
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Where is the real value in Visibility?
A transparent supply chain has become more critical than ever, yet achieving true visibility presents numerous challenges. Creating real value means asking the right questions, what "visibility" means for shippers and forwarders, pinpointing the necessary data for a transparent supply chain, and identifying the essential IT tools required.
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Why plan V actual fleet performance measurement is important
Creating an optimized route plan is the first step to maximizing fleet performance and customer experience. A great plan only matters when it is executed – and that’s the challenge for many fleet operators.  Tracking drivers with GPS helps, but the problem is not that simple as there are several areas where deviations occur to the plan.
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