Conundra /kəˈnəndra: complex puzzles with an unexpected solution. Our MISSION Optimizing transport: Eliminating the transport of air, making a planner's life easy, beating congestion, valuing drivers, optimizing the fleet and the logistical network. Our SOLUTION OptiFlow: our SaaS Transport Planning Optimization tool. With OptiFlow we pursue operational excellence and produce valuable strategical, tactical and operational planning insights. CONUNDRA solves your large-complex business puzzles with state of the art optimization techniques. We deliver a significant efficiency increase and secure this improvement. We upgrade big data sources to valuable information and optimization, planning and scheduling end-to-end solutions. With a continuous goal focus CONUNDRA enables your company to break out of its comfort zone, innovate and bring it to the next level of performance. Together we will reset boundaries, bring visibility and create value. Who we are, what we do CONUNDRA provides unique solutions for big complex non-standard top business supply chain planning problems, making use of cutting edge optimization techniques. These solutions will always guide towards and be in support of our customer's vision. In finding these distinctive solutions we dare to take the unpaved path and definitely go the extra mile, with a continuous focus on the customer's vision. We anchor these value creating solutions in our customers’ systems, to have a permanent effect.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)