Request For Problems (RFP)

23 January 2023By itsubwaymapBlog

As a company involved in supply chain, how do you find the right software vendor to support your necessary digitalization? That’s a question that comes up again and again during the many conversations I have with supply chain directors and executives. As I walked around the exhibition area at Gartner’s recent supply chain conference in … Read More

Elemica acquires Eyefreight

31 January 2020By itsubwaymapNews

Elemica announced the acquisition of Eyefreight, a global leader in multi-modal SaaS transportation management solutions, on 31 January. Clients of digital supply network provider Elemica can now incorporate transportation management capabilities into their supply chain. Together, Elemica and Eyefreight create a unified global logistics and supply chain network. There are many SaaS transport management solutions … Read More

Software solution makes things easier for e-tailers

26 September 2019By itsubwaymapNews

A new software solution makes it easier for e-tailers to meet the needs of online shoppers by enabling them to give consumers more flexibility and control over package deliveries. The application, which provides better visibility of Access Point locations, has been developed by UPS and HubBox. As e-commerce continues to surge in popularity, today’s busy … Read More

Gartner: “Companies need a digital roadmap”

23 July 2019By itsubwaymapNews

When it comes to the digital transformation, where should a company start? Gartner’s Mike Burkett highlighted that question as he kicked off the firm’s annual supply chain conference in Barcelona in June. “We lack a digital roadmap. But nowadays we’ve become accustomed to changing from masters of Excel spreadsheets to digital processes.” Burkett referred to … Read More

Transparent performance app

5 July 2019By itsubwaymapNews

Slimstock’s intuitive performance app provides easy and real-time insight into supply chain performance for both top-level management and other professionals. This app is one way Slimstock is responding to the data-driven and knowledge-driven trend in which organizations need to provide faster access to information for a growing number of stakeholders. By Marysa Vos Slimstock is … Read More

Gartner warns of ‘blockchain fatigue’ in supply chain

16 May 2019By itsubwaymapNews

Although blockchain remains a popular topic, leading companies are not yet managing to find suitable use cases according to research and consulting firm Gartner. Therefore, the firm predicts that 90% of the supply chain initiatives based on the much-discussed technology will show signs of ‘blockchain fatigue’ by 2023. Gartner’s research into user wants and needs … Read More

Transparency in the Global Trade Network

18 January 2019By itsubwaymapNews

BluJay’s Global Trade Network (GTN) streamlines processes, creates new opportunities and improves the performance of companies, adapted in line with their unique supply chain requirements. Connecting all supply chain partners to the network increases transparency. The Global Trade Network is a collective name for integrated software solutions that improve the efficiency of the entire supply … Read More

E2open Acquires Zyme: A Bridge Too Far?

8 November 2017By itsubwaymapNews

This week, E2open announced a definitive agreement to acquire Zyme. For readers of this blog that do not know Zyme, the company focuses on the management of channel data in the high-tech industry. The company is a CRM solution. The Zyme solution improves revenue management, warranty, and rebate processes. This source of channel data is … Read More

E2open Acquires Steelwedge. Impact on Market?

13 February 2017By itsubwaymapNews

This morning E2open announced the acquisition of Steelwedge for an undisclosed sum of money. Founded in 2000, Steelwedge was an innovator in Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and was an early provider of cloud solutions for supply chain. I estimate that the company had annual sales of 30M$. Clients include Canon, Pfizer, HP Inc, Jaguar Land … Read More

E2open Buys Terra Technology

8 March 2016By itsubwaymapNews

As an analyst in the supply chain market for 15 years, I have written many articles on best-of-breed technology companies purchased by a larger company. Today I am writing my take on the acquisition of Terra Technology by E2open. In the market announcement yesterday the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. I have followed both of … Read More

LLamasoft Buys Barloworld Supply Chain Software

3 November 2015By itsubwaymapNews

Today LLamasoft announced the acquisition of the Barloworld CAST and Optimiza assets for an undisclosed sum of money. This announcement closely follows the September 29th press release about $50 million Series B financing with affiliates of Goldman Sachs & Co.  This is LLamasoft’s second acquisition within a year. (LLamasoft acquired the LogicTools assets from IBM in the … Read More

Infor’s Acquistion of GT Nexus: If I Had a Magic Wand

16 August 2015By itsubwaymapNews

As an analyst, when technology providers acquire and divest companies, I get invited to pre-announcement conferences. In these sessions the technology providers share their rationale for the investment and invite questions. Thursday morning it was the acquisition of GT Nexus by Infor. The transaction closes in 45 days. Infor, a market consolidator of enterprise software, currently has revenues of  $2.8 … Read More

Research testbericht 2

20 July 2014By itsubwaymapResearch

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Research Testbericht

20 July 2014By itsubwaymapResearch

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