Reflex Claim Management delivers greater operational efficiency in transport and logistics claim management while cutting costs and reducing resolution times. With this new tool, parties can submit claims in just a few clicks, and share and forward documents collaboratively, resulting in a faster and more efficient claim management process.

Reflex (Hardis Group business unit) has added a collaborative claim management application to its Reflex suite. The new software tool is designed to streamline the operational handling of claims (missing or damaged packages or items, late deliveries, etc.), with a more efficient, collaborative approach from submission through to closure helping to raise the bar for customer satisfaction. Thanks to its intuitive interface, there is no learning curve and no training is required to master it

An all-in-one collaborative tool for the entire supply chain

Claims are a natural part of life in the transport and logistics industry, spanning everything from damaged or undelivered packages, to missing items, incorrect quantities, stock move errors for logistics providers, and more. But these claims can be processed quicker, and their impact mitigated, with collaborative processes and tools that improve communication and visibility between parties.

Reflex Claim Management meets these challenges head-on by centralizing and streamlining the operational tracking of claims, most of which are currently processed manually via email. The new tool is designed to ease claim filing, communication, and collaboration throughout the claim management process, whether the claim is submitted by an operator in a logistics warehouse, a delivery driver, or a sales assistant stocking shelves in a store. “Reflex Claim Management supports real-time decision-making within the organization and its wider ecosystem, helping to resolve claims across the board—from the originator, suppliers, and carriers, to customer services and the end customer,” said Romain Louis, Product Owner, Reflex, Hardis Group.

Overview of Reflex Claim Management features

Reflex Claim Management includes the following key features:
Easy completion of claim attributes: subject of the claim (order, package, stock move, etc.), persons responsible for processing the claim, amount, priority, and criticality
Operational tracking of claims, from initial claim through to resolution: collaborative features including adding individuals, automatically sending emails, interactions, shared and real-time visibility of claim statuses, and more
Integrated, intuitive chat feature that lets all parties enter messages, and add photos, documents, and other attachments
Configurable claim management workflow: users can define stages, resolution priorities, and permissions (attributes, claim status, etc.)

A new reporting feature, available in a few months’ time, will provide a comprehensive overview of all claims and related costs, as well as allowing users to detect opportunities for improvement and, potentially, pinpoint recurring problems or anomalies and take corrective action as part of a process of continuous improvement.

Reflex Claim Management, which is more user-friendly than a ticketing tool, is available in SaaS mode on Google Cloud. It is compatible with all stock and logistics warehouse management systems (WMS, including Reflex WMS), transport management systems (TMS), and delivery tracking systems.