o9, an AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Resilinc, a supply chain mapping, disruption sensing, and resiliency analytics company. The partnership will enable joint clients to monitor their n-tier supply network to sense upstream risks, determine impacts, and propagate them across their extended supply chain.

Resilinc holds 13 years’ worth of supply chain risk data including a validated supplier network that has been mapped down to the sub-tier, part-site, and commodity level. This high-quality, multi-tier supply chain data can easily integrate with o9’s multi-tier impact and mitigation analytics solution. This integration significantly extends o9’s digital supply chain twin and risk management capabilities. The alliance between the two companies will provide joint clients with greater visibility into their multi-tier supply chain networks, allowing them to detect risks earlier, run and evaluate different what-if scenarios, and make data-driven decisions. It will enable users to mitigate risks through closer collaboration with their vendors, prescribe corrective actions, and run resolution scenarios to minimize disruptions – ultimately leading to higher service levels and more reliable inventory availability information.

“By partnering with o9, Resilinc is able to bring our best-in-class risk monitoring capabilities along with our supplier-validated multi-tier mapping data to o9’s Supplier Collaboration solution. This alliance will provide customers with even greater visibility into their sub-tier networks,” said Resilinc Chief Revenue Officer, Fred Brown. “With this data and visibility customers can understand the impact of a risk event to production, margin, and topline revenue allowing them to make swift, data-backed decisions when disruption strikes. We’re excited to partner with o9 to provide even greater value to our joint clients.“

“In today’s volatile business environment, it is crucial to have visibility into all aspects of the supply chain to mitigate risks and have the ability to understand the impact of multi-tier risks and prioritize actions accordingly,” said Tanguy Caillet, Executive Vice President of Global Partnerships & Strategic Sales. “We’re thrilled to partner with Resilinc to enable extended supplier collaboration capabilities to the o9 platform, allowing clients to gain better visibility into their multi-tier networks.”