KPMG and Sweep, the sustainability data management platform, have announced a key partnership, aiming to accelerate corporate climate and ESG strategies. By combining KPMG’s multi-disciplinary climate and ESG expertise with Sweep’s innovative technology, the partnership will help companies to integrate sustainable performance into the heart of their business models at a time of climate crisis.

A partnership built on synergy and innovation

The Sweep – KPMG partnership builds a bridge between auditing and consulting expertise, and cutting-edge digital sustainability data solutions. KPMG brings its renowned experience in supporting businesses as they navigate through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges – notably via its ESG Centre of Excellence, which numbers 120 experts in the domain. In this, Sweep’s easy-to-use and interoperable technology plays a central role, offering organizations a consolidated view and analysis of their ESG data, and streamlining the implementation of low carbon transition plans, via innovations including integrated, customizable decarbonisation trajectories.

The partnership will tackle numerous challenges raised by the need for businesses to take action today in order to transform themselves for a low-carbon economy of the future. Our joint aim is to facilitate the transformation of business models so that they fully integrate extra-financial data into their overall performance, in alignment with carbon emissions reductions.

Jérémie Joos, Partner at KPMG Advisory France, Co-Head of ESG Center of Excellence:

“Through this partnership with Sweep, we are strengthening our ability to support companies’ transformations towards responsible business models. Together, we can ensure that ESG indicators constitute a core decision-making factor for business leaders, and we will turn climate challenges and new reporting norms from constraints into opportunities to create sustainable value”

Rachel Delacour, CEO and co-founder, Sweep:

“The transition to a low-carbon business ecosystem is a collective challenge, and we are proud to be able to make this vision a reality, hand in hand with KPMG. Their expertise, together with our capacity for innovation, must pave the way for the companies which are ready to create new business opportunities out of regulatory constraints and planetary boundaries, to become sustainable and resilient.”