AUSTIN, TX – February 27, 2024 – John Galt Solutions, software for automating supply chain planning to empower businesses to make better decisions faster, announced an expansion of its global strategic partnership with PlanetTogether, a pioneer in advanced planning and scheduling solutions. The expanded collaboration focuses on bringing new joint innovations to accelerate value delivery, maximize business performance, increase visibility, and enhance supply chain orchestration through next-generation detailed production scheduling capabilities.  

The expanded partnership includes a growing portfolio of new capabilities in the Atlas Planning Platform designed to enhance customer experience and power users with enhanced visibility, process orchestration, and smarter decision-making. Companies have the ability to simplify manufacturing complexity, quickly adapt to changes in production sequence and unlock added business value throughout the supply chain.

“Our collaboration with PlanetTogether is about empowering our customers with the innovative solutions they need to truly excel and stay ahead of today’s fast-paced supply chain landscape,” said Anne Omrod, Founder and CEO at John Galt Solutions. “Today’s announcement builds on our long-established strategic partnership and allows us to further offer our global customers even greater control over their detailed production scheduling, with the unmatched visibility and flexibility of Atlas Planning Platform.”

“We’re excited to broaden our collaboration with John Galt Solutions, optimizing operations for peak performance. This strategic alliance reinforces our shared commitment to pioneering advanced planning and scheduling methodologies. By harnessing our synergies, we empower organizations to navigate complex supply chain landscapes and attain transformative results. Together, our expertise empowers businesses to overcome supply chain challenges and achieve exceptional outcomes,” said Jim Cerra, CEO of PlanetTogether.