MendriX, a supplier of TMS for road transport, has announced that it will collaborate with BigMile, a supplier of emissions management solutions, to support accurate CO2 reporting. “Carriers are increasingly being asked about their carbon footprint. Some have to report on this themselves, while others have to provide data to their clients. At MendriX, we want to simplify this process,” says Carvin Werners of MendriX.

Reporting on CO2 emissions is becoming an integral part of business operations for more and more companies. Irrespective of whether carriers themselves are required to report on their carbon emissions or whether their clients require the information for their own reports, it is essential that the reports are easily available, according to Carvin Werners, Product Owner at MendriX.

“We were already able to calculate the carbon emissions per trip using the trip and route planning software from PTV, but those calculations are mainly intended for pre-calculation purposes. In order to report on the actual emissions based on the ISO 14083 standard, additional information is required, such as fuel type, fuel consumption and actual distances travelled compared to the planned distances,” Werners says when asked about the reason for using additional tools.

“We noticed that some users had developed their own solutions for transferring data from MendriX to BigMile. That’s why we decided to collaborate with BigMile to support automated export of the right data from MendriX TMS to BigMile. This is a more efficient way of working that saves carriers a lot of time in gathering the right data.”

Input file for BigMile

MendriX users can now easily export the trip data from the TMS to a file that serves as an input file for BigMile Carbon Analytics. The calculations in BigMile then enable a client-specific footprint report. “In the future, we might use the BigMile API to integrate the calculations into our TMS so that the reports become available in MendriX TMS,” comments Werners. “Our integrated total solution will then be able to directly communicate the calculated carbon footprint through the client portal, or to the recipient through the Track & Trace page.”

“We are very happy that MendriX has built this functionality into its TMS solution,” says Sven Poot, Business Development Manager at BigMile. “Giving users the ability to export the necessary data for ISO-verified calculations to BigMile at the touch of a button makes life a lot easier for many carriers. This will allow carriers to start working on carbon reporting more quickly, and that in turn will make the step towards carbon reductions a lot smaller.”