CHICAGO, Nov. 9, 2023 — project44, the leading supply chain visibility platform, announced today that it has partnered with Celonis, the global leader in process mining, to improve visibility and process execution across the supply chain. The companies’ combined expertise enables users to generate significant value with faster, better, more data-driven business decisions. 

Industry-leading process mining capabilities from Celonis combined with project44’s category-defining, real-time supply chain visibility allows customers to mitigate risks and operate proactively. In an environment where companies are seeking ways to maximize supply chain resilience and out-compete peers by delivering a better customer experience, the combination of project44 and Celonis enables users to prevent delays, ensure compliance and efficiently handle exceptions.

project44 aggregates the industry’s largest global data set to enable smarter routing decisions across modes worldwide and to deliver real-time insights to accelerate supply chain velocity. Celonis provides a digital twin of company processes to identify and address hidden value opportunities and provide users with automation and orchestration tools via operative dashboards and native low-code automation.

Users will benefit from improved on-time delivery and inventory optimization as Celonis leverages project44’s visibility to identify shipment delays, predict order fulfillment impact and to orchestrate suitable corrective actions. Execution data from Celonis combined with real-time visibility data from project44 also enables companies to lower costs and raise productivity, optimize safety stock levels and improve working capital with dynamic lead times. Carrier network optimization via partner insights will minimize risk and maximize customer satisfaction.

“Each of our unique capabilities in their respective markets are highly complementary and it’s one of the many reasons this partnership with Celonis is an excellent fit,” said Jett McCandless, project44 Founder and CEO. “Not to mention we’re both intensely focused on providing maximum customer value. Celonis’ end-to-end transparency across processes enables us to provide deeper insights into supply chain operations – ultimately enhancing customer visibility and predictive capabilities.”

“Accuracy, efficiency and transparency are key to making global supply chains work, and partnering with project44 is key to making process intelligence a reality for enterprises,” said Alex Rinke, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Celonis. “We look forward to building on this partnership with the project44 team, and creating a world where processes don’t just run, they truly work the way you want them to.”