AMSTERDAM —12 September 2023 — Leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites today announced the launch of Fin AI, a new natural language interface that helps customers surface buried insights; identify opportunities for optimisation; and automate time-consuming tasks, such as assessing the impact of events across a shipment network. Leveraging the largest supply chain data network, Fin AI represents a significant milestone in shifting supply chain managers from reactive to proactive decision-making, and achieving automated supply chain orchestration at scale.

With Fin AI, FourKites is driving meaningful progress toward eliminating today’s pervasive data silos by using generative artificial intelligence (AI) — paving the way toward a revolutionary method of exploring, monitoring and leveraging supply chain data for real-time, data-driven decision-making. Fin AI’s natural language interface, built on top of an industry-leading language model (LLM), surfaces insights from across FourKites’ vast data network, empowering users to:

  • Assess the impact of disruptive events on their supply chain, so they can quickly isolate impacted shipments and take action.
  • Quickly diagnose why a shipment isn’t tracking and bring it online to increase visibility throughout their network.
  • Obtain product guidance across the entire FourKites’ product suite and distill the most relevant insights in just a few sentences.

“FourKites is proud to be building at the leading edge of supply chain data and AI,” said FourKites founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal. “With Fin AI, we are giving our customers greater depth and breadth of actionable insights across their supply chains, further empowering them to focus on the information and decisions that will move their businesses forward. Over time, automation through Fin AI will act as a direct extension of the capabilities of those who use it.”

Tracking more than 3 million shipments per day across the world, FourKites has the largest repository of supply chain data, encompassing more than 6,000 data points per shipment, over 18 million estimated times of arrival (ETAs) per day, and more than 62 billion miles tracked per year. Over time, Fin AI will also help customers discover opportunities for optimisation across labor, transportation, inventory and beyond, as well as automate time-consuming workflows.

“The biggest advantage we can give to logistics professionals right now is enabling them to eliminate time-consuming workflows and empowering them to leverage data to make smarter and faster decisions,” said Brett Frankenberg, Senior Vice President, Technology, Process, & Systems, Coca-Cola Consolidated. “With the launch of Fin AI, FourKites puts the breadth of its data at users’ fingertips, giving them the opportunity to focus on higher-value tasks and drive proactive change across their supply chain.”