Körber expands the global reach of its supply chain software solutions through exemplary partnership opportunities with EVOLVE. Uniquely tailored to empower players throughout the supply chain market, Körber is committed to recruiting and supporting the most respected partners in the industry.

Leveraging the success of Körber’s existing partner relationships, EVOLVE addresses small and growing partners, as well as global system integrators and consultancies, to capitalize on Körber’s One platform approach and a breadth of technologies including warehouse management and control, order management, voice, simulation and robotics solutions. The program allows for different tiers of commitment and types of engagement. Additionally, EVOLVE provides benefits for each level and tier, emphasizing Körber’s value on collaboration and dedication to deliver on individual needs and enablement.

Körber is already the trusted supply chain software partner for thousands of organizations worldwide,” says Chad Collins, CEO Software, Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “Our partner program EVOLVE adds another significant level to our efforts to grant even more organizations access to an unrivalled depth of solutions. Together, we empower businesses worldwide to conquer supply chain complexities.”

Rene Hermes, Executive VP and CMO software at Körber Business Area Supply Chain adds: “A healthy partner ecosystem is a powerful endorsement for companies to improve their supply chain capabilities not just for today, but also as the needs of our customers continue to evolve. A growing partner network is accounting for the increasing challenges our industry is facing – especially in digitization, facility optimization and labor engagement.”

EVOLVE will further increase Körber’s global capacity by leveraging certified partners for service delivery and drive incremental revenue through re-sell and co-sell. The program offers three levels of partnership, with increasing degrees of partner collaboration and co-creation in the booming supply chain market.

Richard Evans, CEO and Founder of iWMS, a trusted Körber partner, concludes: “As Körber moves further towards its goal of delivering its supply chain software solutions on a global level, we considered it important to be part of that joint journey, implementing and complementing this collaborative go-to-market approach ­– and be on top of fueling the future of the supply chain industry.”

Details on joining EVOLVE, and the partners available in your area, are here.