Ulm, 23.11.2021 – On November 23, Transporeon announces that it will become carbon neutral within the next three months. The company offers technology with a purpose that enables its customers to operate more sustainably. For example, Transporeon can help them make their CO2 consumption more visible with the new ‘Transporeon Carbon Visibility’ dashboard. In this context, the European Union’s ‘Fit for 55’ climate policy will apply carbon certificate trading to the transport sector from 2026 and require companies to set up an objective and efficient reporting system.

“It is only logical that we do our utmost to operate sustainably ourselves as the leading digital freight platform in Europe, where our customers together manage more than 100,000 transports per day and tender about 20 bn freight volume per year. Becoming carbon neutral is the first step, but the journey has only just begun”, says Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber.

Already beginning of this year, Transporeon launched the internal technology incubator ‘Transporeon4Future’ with the goal to innovate for decarbonization and sustainable logistics. From this initiative Transporeon is launching in early 2022 the new Carbon Visibility dashboard that will enable shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders to precisely measure and report on their logistics emissions across the entire supply chain and all transport modalities and to provide tools to steer and reduce their future emissions. More solutions will follow. For example, Transporeon is working on green tendering and assignment solutions, which will go live in 2022.

Transporeon´s own carbon footprint in 2020 falls more than 40% short compared to 2019, which was both impacted by the pandemic and own efforts which leave room for further science-based decarbonization targets. Transporeon has therefore partnered with South Pole to undertake its decarbonization strategy, the setting of future targets and also the selection of emission reduction projects to offset its remaining carbon emissions. South Pole is a leading climate solutions provider and developer of emission reduction projects. Transporeon will be awarded the “Carbon Neutral Company” label by South Pole for its efforts in the first quarter of 2022.

“We applaud Transporeon for taking important steps on their climate journey, first by assessing their carbon footprint and then by taking meaningful action towards reducing their emissions” said Renat Heuberger, CEO South Pole. “We are proud to help them on this journey and eager to see how their actions encourage other companies to take similar actions.”

“We are committed to bring transportation in sync with the world – with a sustainable world. Collaboration is the most promising way to achieve decarbonization. That is why not only Transporeon as a company will become carbon neutral, but we also guide our network to lower their emissions in transportation. Together, we can make a difference”, Stephan Sieber adds.