Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, unveils its strategic plan for 2025.

Generix Group’s ambition is to confirm its position as a global player and French flagship in the tech sector by 2025 through the acceleration of its investments in Supply Chain Hub, its 100% SaaS supply chain digitalization platform, as well as in the Group’s business and technological expertise. Another component of the plan is a more balanced footprint between America and Europe and a focus on major industries: Retail & E-Commerce, FMCG, Manufacturing and 3PL.

“Boost Together 2025″ is the encounter of a customer reality and the Group’s ambition. The last two years have challenged all established models and highlighted the emergency of an agile operating mode for companies. Our strategy is therefore based on this reality: to give our clients the means to react to situations as turbulent as those experienced over the last 18 months, in which forecasting is no longer the rule and immediacy is the new norm. Boost Together 2025 is also a new stage in the acceleration of Generix Group’s transformation and internationalization”, comments Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group.

A winning triptych to support Generix Group’s ambition

To achieve its objectives, Generix Group will rely on a triptych: its human capital, its customer capital and its ecosystem of partners.

  • Human capital: strong expertise and solid human relationships with the Group’s customers
  • Customer capital: with more than 6,000 companies using its solutions worldwide, Generix Group benefits from a loyal, highly international base and therefore a very detailed knowledge of its markets,
  • The ecosystem of partners: technological partners, distribution network and investors, a real lever for accelerating innovation capacity, a growth driver and a guarantee of financial solidity.

The implementation of Boost Together 2025 is based on the deployment of 3 strategic axes by 2025:

Intensification of investments in the Supply Chain Hub digital platform to accelerate deployment in all Generix Group markets

The past 18 months have witnessed major disruptions in the way businesses operate. The chaos and uncertainties caused by the health crisis have made agility the motto of resilient companies.

With this in mind, Generix Group is accelerating its investment in its solutions (Already more than 17% of its turnover over the 2020/2021 fiscal year) and the development of models and products that meet a very high level of agility, and the high pace of current changes for a Supply Chain Hub platform that is ever more in line with the uses and needs of customers and the market.

Generix Group is focusing its R&D investments on business areas (resource management, transport and omnichannel) as well as on technological (AI, 5G, etc.) and architectural (hyperscale, microservices, etc.) areas, to provide its customers, wherever they are in the world, with the expected benefits in terms of operational performance.

By 2025, all Supply Chain Hub solutions will be deployed in all business units, with a strong acceleration of the development in North America and a strengthening of the Group’s positions in Europe.

Through this strategic direction, a clear ambition is emerging: to position Generix Group as a one-stop-shop for the global management of physical and logical flows, regardless of the location of customers, for the benefit of their performance.

Operational excellence for the benefit of the customer experience and satisfaction in a customer centricity approach.

Generix Group invests in all aspects of operational excellence so that its customers and employees can keep the promise made to their customers and therefore ensure their competitive advantage.

This focus on operational excellence takes the shape of several investments, whether in employee training, equipment, the implementation of new processes, or through partnerships with the academic and research world.

By putting operational excellence at the heart of its approach, Generix Group intends to raise the quality level of its services and tools, and thus not only continue to build loyalty among its existing customer base but also win over new customers.

An enriched service and consulting offer for the group’s clients and an enhanced go-to-market to increase international coverage

Generix Group will invest in the development of its consulting entity. This entity, an architectural and business strike force, guides the strategic and operational choices of its customers. Once again, Generix Group is demonstrating that the company is a key partner in the continuous improvement of its customers’ performance.

Customer support will also be amplified by an ‘increased’ go-to-market with the strengthening of its indirect distribution strategy. Today, Generix solutions are already available in 60 countries thanks to the Group’s subsidiaries and partners. With this strategy, Generix Group aims to increase its exposure and influence and to accelerate its commercial development.

“We have a long-standing commitment: to help businesses to keep the promise made to their customers. This is especially crucial today as consumer habits change at a fast pace and companies need to be able to meet the expectations of consumers in all their diversity. Offering an open and flexible software platform for industrial and standardised deployments of our solutions in all geographies is our answer to our clients’ challenges. Our customers are at the heart of our strategy and we want to offer them an optimal experience at all stages of our relationship and in their use of our solutions. Boost Together 2025 is also a strong commitment that we are making to our current and future employees: to rely on freedom of initiative within Generix Group so that everyone actively contributes to the achievement of our operational and development objectives.”, comments Aïda Collette-Sène, Generix Group’s Managing Director.