TotalEnergies Marketing France (TEMF), the subsidiary of TotalEnergies Marketing & Service in charge of developing petroleum products distribution and services activities in France, has chosen FuturMaster’s Augmented Supply Chain Planning solutions to gain agility and competitiveness.

TotalEnergies Marketing France will improve the forecasting of its 2,355 service stations by relying on FuturMaster’s new Demand Planning module, which integrates Machine Learning. We deployed this solution during the summer of 2021 across all TotalEnergies stations and Key Accounts in France. This large-scale project called “New Liv” will involve around 20 users and concerns a scope of 56 products and 3,357 customers.

Improving forecasts is part of an end-to-end project to optimise TotalEnergies Marketing France’s Supply Chain processes to give teams more tactical and strategic decision-making visibility.

Maintaining a high service level while optimising distribution costs

TotalEnergies Marketing & Services is the world’s 4th largest distributor of land-based fuels. It currently has more than 15,700 service stations worldwide and over 24,858 employees. Its three main businesses are developing the service station network worldwide, producing and marketing lubricants, and distributing products and services for professional markets.

“In a market with relatively stable growth, around 2% per year, TotalEnergies Marketing France aims to become more competitive. In this context, the implementation of a Supply Chain Planning solution seemed essential to us to maintain a high service rate while optimising our distribution costs”, explains Franck Laroche, Project Manager of TotalEnergies Marketing France.

“After launching a call for tenders, we contacted around ten software publishers. We chose FuturMaster because of its teams’ ability to understand and take ownership of our challenges through workshops between the business and IT departments, which led to a more precise definition of our needs. FuturMaster also stood out from other vendors thanks to its innovative Demand Planning solutions integrating Machine Learning.”

Improving the reliability of station forecasts with Machine Learning

TotalEnergies Marketing France chose to deploy FuturMaster’s Forecasting module calculated on a short-term horizon thanks to Machine Learning algorithms and the use of exogenous data such as preventive maintenance, public holidays, temperature forecasts, road traffic.

FuturMaster has teamed up with a consultancy firm specialising in artificial intelligence, to manage, in partnership with FuturMaster’s data scientists, the sourcing and preparation of the data for the correlation research.

“We used to make our forecasts in Excel down to the daily level. FuturMaster’s Forecasting module allows us to be more responsive by establishing a day’s attendance curve per station. In addition, Machine Learning allows us to integrate the impact of exogenous data and to adjust our forecasts accordingly to minimise the risk of disruption,” says Ouiza Delerba, Project Manager, TotalEnergies Marketing France.

Strengthening the robustness of the Supply Chain and gaining agility

In the context of a health crisis, the agility of the Supply Chain is more crucial than ever.

“We decided to trust FuturMaster to help us with three major issues: improving the reliability of our forecasts, optimising replenishment costs, and finally reinforcing lengthy visibility to facilitate strategic decision-making related to the sizing of our production tools. The New Liv project will enable TotalEnergies Marketing France to have all the players collaborate around a single solution and to gain agility in operational and strategic decision-making”, adds Franck Laroche, Project Manager of TotalEnergies Marketing France.

“TotalEnergies Marketing France’s New Liv project is an example of implementing an agile and resilient Supply Chain. Faced with the current context, FuturMaster’s mission is to increase visibility and reactivity by enabling optimal synchronisation between tactical/strategic planning and execution. Through our unique Machine Learning-based technology offering, TotalEnergies Marketing France has very accurate visibility of its sales forecasts. It can guarantee the availability of its products in its service stations. Resilience and agility are at the heart of this ambitious project, which demonstrates FuturMaster’s unique know-how,” explains Yacine Zeroual, Southern Europe General Manager at FuturMaster.