Berlin, December 18, 2020 – After the commissioning of PSI Polska Sp. z o.o. in January 2019 with the implementation of the Warehouse Management System PSIwms in the new logistics center, ASMET Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. has been successfully put the system into operation.

PSIwms controls the flow of goods in the logistics center in Moszna-Parcela near Warsaw on the basis of optimized storage algorithms. In combination with the automated warehouse, this makes the logistics processes more efficient. One of the greatest challenges of the project was the processing of orders on the basis of cross-product units of measurement, which result from the specificity of the metal industry and the customer-oriented strategy of ASMET.

The material flow control module from PSI is used to control the shuttle warehouse. This communicates with the forklifts and conveyor belts in order to control the automatic storage and transport processes. Since the start and migration of the entire logistics center, the system has been continuously updated according to customer requirements. The order processing of KANBAN, the integration into the Unifaun shipping system and the automatic control of Crown forklifts will be used shortly.

PSIwms will facilitate the implementation of new work routines in the future and also increase acceptance among employees. Due to the current corona lockdown, the implementation was carried out via remote control.

ASMET offers a comprehensive supply of fasteners for machines and systems in the construction, energy, petrochemical, agricultural and automotive industries.

On the basis of its own software products, the PSI Group develops and integrates complete solutions for optimizing the flow of energy and material at suppliers (energy networks, energy trading, public passenger transport) and industry (raw material extraction, metal production, automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics). PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 2,000 persons worldwide.