Berlin, November 30, 2020 – Delivery platform Seven Senders continues to expand: following the opening of its branches in France, the Netherlands and Austria, the company is now also opening an office Spain. The new office in Madrid will be run by 56-year-old Managing Director Hernando Cuadros Cortes, who brings a wealth of experience in the logistics sector and has worked as a consultant for several years. He has recently developed solutions for cross-border shipping for Spain’s most notable e-commerce providers.

Neighboring France is one of Spain’s key export countries, along with the Netherlands, Italy and Germany – markets also of great importance to Seven Senders. Spain is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe, with an estimated turnover of EUR 18.9 billion in 2020. According to a forecast from Statista, the Spanish e-commerce market will reach a market volume of EUR 26.2 billion in 2025, equivalent to annual turnover growth of 6.7 percent. “These growth rates demonstrate the massive potential of the Spanish market, which will continue to grow in years to come,” explains Thomas Hagemann, Founder and Co-CEO of Seven Senders. “In keeping with other European markets, we want to use this development to grow together with local traders and create an optimal delivery experience for end customers.”

Last year, the delivery platform’s parcel shipping volume rose by 79 percent and saw the acquisition of key customers. With the opening of the Spanish office, the business is continuing to grow and aims to become even more successful on a global scale. “Cross-border e-commerce has increased in significance over the past few years. That is why we are continuing to grow with the market and want to support online traders in expanding and tapping into new markets,” says Hagemann. For cross-border deliveries, this means that every country has its own, very different expectations concerning delivery options and payment methods which need to be taken into account. Seven Senders therefore works together with carriers in each destination country who implement the country’s typical delivery preferences perfectly – and this includes Spain.

“We are pleased to have appointed Hernando Cuadros Cortes, an experienced expert for e-commerce and sales, and now look forward to being able to get our office in Madrid off to a fine start. The Spanish market offers Seven Senders the opportunity to gain new customers and keep encouraging our growth,” says Hagemann.