The App is aligned with the Oliver Wight methodology and comes with robust scenario modeling capabilities

Haarlem, the Netherlands, June 29, 2020 –  Aimms is continuing to invest in providing intuitive, accessible solutions addressing the challenges expressed by planners. Today, the supply chain planning platform provider announced that its new Integrated Business Planning (IBP) application is now available as part of Aimms SC Navigator. Too many organizations are struggling to create resilient plans using spreadsheets, which are often only understood by former team members who have moved on to other roles or businesses.  Planning has become too manual, tedious and stressful. Business teams are feeling the impact, especially with volatility and uncertainty on the rise. With this application, Aimms helps teams increase alignment through visibility and agility with powerful scenario modeling capabilities. The App is mapped to Oliver Wight’s IBP methodology and is quick to configure and deploy. It can slot into wherever you are in your IBP journey and matures with you as your process evolves.

Enhancing Decision Support with Scenario Modeling Capabilities

Recent research shows that 54% of organizations think their planning process is only somewhat effective. When done right, Integrated Business Planning can considerably improve collaboration and ensure that the decisions taken are informed by what is best for the business as a whole. The challenge is getting the necessary insights quickly. Many organizations struggle to make decisions during planning meetings because they need to go back to the drawing board when something unexpected changes the plan. Data silos tend to impair collaboration as well.

Aimms IBP helps organizations develop dynamic and more reliable plans and get insights in a few hours, not days. The ability for key stakeholders to view and update data within the app enables greater collaboration and breaks down data silos across functional areas to drive clarity and transparency.

With the embedded scenario modeling capabilities in the App, organizations can define multiple demand scenarios for review and comparison simultaneously. Aimms IBP can be used to create projects for new products and go from idea to business case, development, test & value and launch. Users can add new products and define expected demand and resource requirements, allowing for impact assessments in the supply review stage. They can also identify vulnerabilities and opportunities that can be applied, in any combination, to the base plan. The App is powered by prescriptive analytics under the hood – no advanced analytics skills required.

Aimms IBP can be used in combination with other Apps in Aimms SC Navigator, such as Demand ForecastingSales & Operations Planning and Network Design. The supply chain planning platform helps teams make decisions with increased speed and transparency by uniting data in a single database. It is intuitive to use and accessible, minimizing stress and traditional planning hurdles.

“We are thrilled to bring this intuitive IBP App to the market,” says Aimms SC Navigator Director Brian Dooley. “Aimms IBP allows organizations to model how they can ‘bridge the gap’ between their current position and their strategic plan, identifying the actions required to deliver opportunities and mitigate any risks. This is an invaluable capability to have today, in times of unprecedented disruption.”

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