Technology integration provides customers with end-to-end management of all transportation modes from one application, accelerating efficiency and performance

June 18, 2020BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of global supply chain software and services, announces a partnership with Raven Logistics, a railroad logistics management company specialising in strategic transportation planning, advanced railroad SaaS, and operational excellence over the last 25 years.

This solution and tech partnership combines the Raven Logistics Railroad SaaS with BluJay’s Transportation Management application for management of railway, over-the-road, and ocean freight management from a single TMS.

“Raven partnered with BluJay Solutions with the goal of creating a pathway to complementary logistic applications for ocean and over-the-road freight management,” says Duane Kuzak, President at Raven Logistics. “BluJay collaborates with other business and technology experts to deliver solutions that accelerate customers’ success, and Raven is very excited to be a strategic partner with them, adding our expertise to one of the largest global trade networks in the industry.”

Customers benefit from greater control of their global multi-modal supply chain with single access to one joint TMS for all modes of inbound and outbound transportation. The integration provides greater visibility, real-time tracking and billing insights, and advanced analytics. Other benefits from the partnership include:

  • Tariff management for access to optimised rail rates including Rule 11 options
  • Optimised routing to reduce dwell times
  • Automated railroad waybill capabilities
  • Dynamic ETAs and key movement event logic for proactive exception management
  • Established working relationships with railroad representatives
  • Improved fleet management and rail carrier performance analytics

“We’re pleased to join forces with Raven – a leader in international railroad logistics management – to provide our mutual customers with the ability to seamlessly manage all modes with greater efficiency and visibility. This partnership is a great example of powering the Frictionless Supply Chain for our customers,” said Chris Timmer, Chief Revenue Officer at BluJay Solutions.