First to offer leading technology solution for e-commerce fulfillment management as a white-label solution to logistics companies.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 4th March 2020Fulfillment Group, an Amsterdam & Hong Kong-based ecommerce technology Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company founded in 2016, launches new cloud platform that allows logistics companies to develop and scale B2C and B2B e-commerce fulfillment.

The white-label platform enables logistics companies and their clients to manage and monitor their global e-commerce activities via 360° integration with; sales channels (website carts, online marketplaces), customer ERP systems, freight management systems and warehouses. In a single dashboard, you can seamlessly get an overview of global inventory, inbound receiving, outbound B2C and B2B orders, returns and more.

The low investment solution is targeted at and offered to logistics companies such as shipping companies, freight forwarders and warehouse operators. During implementation, the platform is customized to reflect their unique requirements and upgraded with the logos and branding of the operator.

Talking about working with logistics companies instead of targeting brands directly, Kasper Hansen, Director of Strategy & Partnerships answers; “There are plenty of online-based companies offering brands a generic solution for e-commerce fulfillment. These are typically regional at best and often disconnected with the rest of their supply chain. We believe that legacy providers have the closest customer relationships, strongest overall service scope and customer trust to succeed with the right solution on-hand. We believe we have that solution that makes e-commerce fulfillment a part of their integrated offering”.

Asked about why this solution is so relevant now, Ben Jones, Director of Business Development adds; “Most international logistics companies already offer e-commerce fulfillment services and many of those are very good at it – leveraging local infrastructure and regional resources, but without global alignment on offerings.
However, we see a rise in brands and customers demanding International integrated solutions, coping with multiple online & offline sales channels omnichannel) and fulfillment centres globally. This is where we have a strong proposition – at a low investment, fully customized and implemented in a matter of weeks not months.

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About Fulfillment Group

Founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by logistics executives with years of experience in international supply chain management, e-commerce fulfillment and parcel express. Core business was helping International brands enter the Asia-Pacific e-commerce market, by offering physical fulfillment operations and visibility solutions, through our cloud platform This platform was further developed into a full-fledged ecommerce logistics solution.

Since 2018 we are fully focussed on further developing our white-label cloud platform for logistics companies. Our platform is already used by leading freight forwarders and warehouse operators, integrated with client ERPs, online marketplaces and global warehouses. They now offer their clients truly global e-commerce fulfillment services through our platform.